A client's review on working with Susan:

Amidst the confusion and anxiety of the pandemic onset, I decided to give myself the gift of Soul Guidance sessions with Susan. I had been to a couple of events at Santosha and had been intrigued with this offering when I saw it on their website. I had been putting it off for “someday” but now the time was right for some in-depth introspection.

Having never met or worked with Susan in person, I was so taken with how strongly her warmth, kindness and just general loveliness came through via our phone meetings. Her very being radiates calm, positive, compassionate energy and to me, she embodies what it means to be a light worker. Susan utilized her toolbox of techniques and also her intuitive gifts to aid me in tapping into my own inner wisdom.

Susan began by taking a detailed emotional history from me. I would like to say that her gentle, nonjudgmental manner was integral to the trust required for this step, which informed the direction we took moving forward. From there, Susan used elements of shamanism, dream work and guided meditation in our work together. Through her caring guidance and astute observations, I had some aha moments regarding re-occurring themes in my journey and also re-remembered some elemental truths. The entire way, I felt safe and reassured with Susan by my side. Her ever present and keen sense of humor made the process thoroughly enjoyable. I was not expecting so many laughs during the mucky process of intensive soul searching! I am so grateful to have had the benefit of the wisdom and “light” she so freely shares.  - D.A.


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